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Products EAS RF Series Antenna 6S01


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EAS RF Antenna
EAS RF Antenna 6S01

Item No.



EAS RF Antenna

Center Frequency




Detection Area


Input Power

220V 50HZ 






Stainless steel 


Silver gray (or customized black bottom box)

Weight (N.W.)




 Working temperature 15°C to 35°C
Storage temperature -10°C  to 40°C


1pcs/ctn, 15kg, 0.07cbm

Products remarks
  • Classic design
  • Best-selling for decades
  • Durable material
  • DSP chip
  • AGC technology

Electronic Article Surveillance System
This is an ordinary style, belongs to radio frequency series with center frequency 8.2MHz ±0.05MHz

******Suppose you’are new to EAS series products, you may note: in the market, you will find similar products or more information online by looking for the key words: EAS system, EAS Detector, EAS detection system, EAS pedestal, RF sensor, RF antenna, retail anti-theft system, retail anti-theft antenna, etc.

For years, this style (
EAS RF Antenna 6S01) has been the widest used for anti-theft at supermarkets, department store, convenience stores, apparel stores, digital product stores, shopping plaza, etc.

The features below make it hold onto its share around the global market in the past 15 years.
****Extremely competitive price.
****VERY STABLE detection performance of system. Designed with DSP chip, high detection rate, high alarm accuracy. Automatic gain control (AGC) circuit, free debugging. Different from traditional frequency hopping, this type has been edited with ID identification code in transmitter modulation. Improvement never been stopped.
****Ease of installation, use and maintenance. Plug and play. Anyone can manipulate within short time, without any question.
****Durable material, neat exterior.
In a word, it’s the most economical and practical model among all EAS system products.

Detection range / aisle width recommended

Item No. 8S01-3: RF soft label(4X4CM) : 90CM
Item No. 7S01: hard tag, mini square(42X48CM): 120CM
Item No. 7S03: hard tag, large square(56X68CM): 150CM

Installation illustration

Additional introduction

****The detection performance may slightly vary with different evironments. Detailed reference will be found in manual.
****You will find 1 transmitter (TX) , 1 receiver (RX), 1speical power supply, along with essential accessories in the packing carton. Unit price is quoted upon 1 unit packing carton. ****For your best buying experience, kindly inform us the specific voltage used in your area.
****VACtt (
VACtt Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd & reserves final right to interpret the product information.

General pre-sales support.
For specific case, please feel free to send your question or anything relative to
You’ll always have our response at the first time (no more than 6 hours).

Ensure your purchase, installation, use and maintenance without any worry.

****Over 10-year industrial experience support
****On-time delivery
****Quick response (within 6 hours)
****Stable & effective system performance
****Extremely competitive price
****Flexible payment terms
****Guaranteed after-sales service


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